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At Learning Concepts Ltd our aim is to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have a range of stimulating and exciting courses that you can study wherever and whenever you choose. Whether you are studying for career advancement or for personal growth you will always have a friendly welcome and support from an experienced tutor to help you to achieve your true potential. Learning Concepts Ltd is the largest learndirect centre in Sunderland and has an extensive range of on-line, printed and CD based courses covering numeracy, literacy, information technology and business management. Courses are suitable for individuals who want to improve their life skills or career prospects, and also for employers who want to increase the knowledge, skills and capability of their workforce. Many courses are funded, but the 'blended' approach to development offered by Learning Concepts Ltd makes training and development a very cost effective solution.

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European Social FundIf you are an employer who would like the luxury of an in-house training facility but haven't the space or equipment, then give us a call. We can supply wireless enabled laptops so that your staff can learn wherever and whenever they want. Contact Us

Many people find it hard to get a job or a promotion because so many employers expect you to have GCSE English and Maths. The National Tests in Literacy and Numeracy at level 2 are equivalent to GCSE passes at grades A to C. So it's never been easier to get qualified. You can take your National Tests online with us. Just call and ask for more details. Contact Us

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We all want our children to do well at school, but knowing how to offer support and help with homework can be difficult. Helping Your Child is one of the most popular courses available on Learndirect and can make supporting your child easy and fun.

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